If you’re like me, the word Cribbage conjures up memories pictures of old people chain-smoking at the kitchen table. But I would like to divest you of the image of Cribbage as a dusty, old, old-person game. It’s fun. It makes you work on your math skills. There’s luck. There’s skill. What’s not to like?


I have this ginormous Cribbage board that was my Mom’s and I love it so much it hangs in my living room. There are holes on the top for the six pegs. Game decor is not for everyone, I’m told, so don’t be afraid, most Cribbage boards are much smaller.

I have one like this too. The pegs fit into a little sliding pocket in the back and it folds in half:

Vintage and Travel-size! I like that this one holds the cards with it. I love anything that comes all together in a box. The board is on top of the lid:

You can even get one with your (northern) state on it:


This is Wisconsin

I couldn’t find a cribbage board that had my southern state on it. Not many people from here play Cribbage or any card games at all except maybe Spades. My parents were both Northerners (Massachusetts and Connecticut) and they never lost their love for cards and games. Any time family would visit, there was a card game going on on the table from breakfast until well past dinner. It was like they had to catch up on all the games they’d missed with each other over the years.

I have a theory that people down south don’t play cards because it just doesn’t get cold enough for long enough to force everyone to be inside all the time.

Here are the rules to Cribbage. Although, when the starter is a Jack, they call it “his heels,” but I learned it, “his nobs,” and we always say it very snooty. YMMV.

Please, please, learn to play cribbage. It’s been played for centuries–it’s a classic, wonderful game. The rules may seem a lot but it doesn’t take long to learn. Especialy, once you learn the typical sums for standard hands, it’s much faster play.

My uncle was so impressive to me as a kid when he would just look at my hand and already know how much I had! He was so patient while I counted it out so painstakingly. Another reason to learn cribbage! Impress your minions with your quick adding skills.