Ready, Set, Go

This is the game SET. The object of the game is to find 3 cards that are either all the same or all different for each of four criteria: color, fill, shape or number. Some sets are easier to find than others.

Set is such a great game for kids. It’s good for their brains to bend and twist trying to see relationships and connections. Actually, that’s not so bad for grown-ups either.


Remember 3 cards make a set and each attribute has to be the same on all three cards or different on all three cards. Take a look a the picture and see if you can find any before going on.

In the grouping above, one set is 1) (in the top left corner) single, red, solid, diamond, 2) (second row, second card) double, red, solid, squiggle, 3) (top right corner) triple, red, solid, round. As you can see, this set shares color and fill but differs on number and shape. They either all have to be the same or they all have to be different. I found 5 more sets*, though it’s possible there are more than that and I just didn’t find them.

There’s a free online version of this game that is great for a daily brain exercise. It even times you so you could make a competition out of it with someone else or just yourself.

When playing with the cards, you can lose out on a set if someone uses one of your cards in their own set and grabs it faster. That makes it a little exciting (and sometimes frustrating) trying to be faster than everyone else.

Our kids like this game because they have just as good of a chance at winning as the grown-ups. The more you play this game the better you get at it and kids have all that extra time to hone their skills!

*I’m going to describe these sets a little differently now that you understand the concept.


First set: 12, 10, 4. I call this set 1,2,3, purple in my head. You’ll notice the fill and shape are all different.

Second set: 5, 7, 11

Third set: 9, 2, 3

Fourth set: 5, 6, 10

Fifth set: 6, 7, 8